About Us


Establish the professional association for the current members of the United States National Team and serve as a membership organization for alumni members of the Eagles.

The organization represents US National Team members in their negotiations with USA Rugby while being committed to improving the quality of rugby in the United States, encouraging involvement and promoting interest in rugby at all levels.

Formation and Implementation

Majority Support of current and former National Team members

Create an elected organizing committee and advisory group tasked with the functioning of the Players Association.

Establish a collaborative and positive working relationship and partnership with USA Rugby based on a sense of shared purpose.

Function and Role

Promote, advance and protect the interests of the Players, while constantly striving for best practice and highest performance.

Assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests and rights 

Promotion and advancement of all players through support 

Encourage and enhance the exchange of ideas between members to enable them to achieve their individual objectives.