What is the purpose?

The purpose of the USRPA is to create the highest quality experience for high performance rugby players in the United States. The aim is to protect & promote their welfare in addition to growing the game in the US. The best "Unions" around the world are supported by vibrant & engaged player associations. Fundamentally, player associations are for & consist of current athletes. But the impact they can achieve offers something greater - helping our sport be the best it can be. The partnership between USA Rugby & the Players is one based on good faith & shared purpose. The USRPA will seek to abide by it''s motto of "Grow the Player, Grow the Game."

How is the organization structured?

As an incorporated 501(c)(5) organization with tax exemption, the objective of the USRPA is to be a self-funded & model non-profit business. This is necessary in order to provide value to the USRPA membership, our athletes. The revenue generated will support USRPA functions such as employees & fundraising campaigns, as well as building support to fulfill the association's primary responsibility - providing service & value to the Players.

How does it work?

As an organization by and for the Players, the Board of Player Representatives will have the ultimate decision making power on how the organization will be structured, led and governed. Two athletes from each team will be elected to form the USRPA Board of Player Representatives. The Board of Player Reps will be responsible for much of the decision making of the USRPA. The Board of Player Reps, along with the Chairperson, will confirm the Leadership & Management Team. The Leadership Team will work with, report to and in concert with the Board of Players, The Leadership team will be empowered with the responsibilities of operating & growing the organization.


Athletes need an autonomous organization exclusively for them. This organization should allow for the removal of conflicts so representatives can advocate exclusively on their behalf. The organization must be engaged on a partner level to provide meaningful dialogue with the Union, Third Parties, leagues, and agents all while always protecting players welfare and promoting best practice.

What are the "Player Services"?

The primary responsibility of the USRPA is to improve the quality of experience of our athletes. Fundamental to that responsibility is providing relevant resources and functions specific to the needs of all athletes. On & off the field support, player development programs, access to sponsors and partners, career transition support, networking events, medical & financial advice, advice on player agents, insurance. These services will be provided in addition to the negotiation of a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

United States Rugby Players Foundation

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3), the United States Rugby Players Foundation will seek to assist injured rugby players and support player welfare initiatives such mental health, concussion research, etc.