Grow the Player, Grow the Game.

Who Are We

United States Rugby Players Association

The USRPA is founded by the players for the players of the US National Teams to promote the highest quality player experience and assist in negotiations and dialogue with USA Rugby. The organization represents US National Team members in their communication with USA Rugby while being committed to improving the quality of rugby in the United States, encouraging involvement and promoting interest in rugby at all levels.

Grow the Player, Grow the Game.

Player Welfare

Promote, advance and protect the interests of the Players, while constantly striving for best practice and highest performance. In Partnership with USA RUGBY, the USRPA will promote development and allow competitive potential to be reached as the Players’ needs are meant through a true High Performance environment.


Through its Agreement with USA Rugby, the USRPA will protect players by providing a forum for: Grievances, Monitoring and a place in Strategic Planning, ensuring the players are engaged with and a partner to USA RUGBY. The Association seeks to represent the highest professional ethics, sportsmanship and integrity.


One of the founding principles of the USRPA is to “Leave the Jersey in a better place.” It seeks to prepare National Team players for the challenging landscape of life after Rugby, while allowing them to meaningfully contribute to the growth of the game.


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